Do IT certifications matter?

IT Certifications

are it certifications worth it?

Many IT workers find that relevant IT skills and associated credentials give them a competitive edge in the job market. Businesses today face a critical IT skills shortage.  The shortage of workers competent in areas such as IT security, mobile computing, cloud computing, analytics, Java, .NET, and C++ could affect economic growth and provide a direct challenge to global organizations looking to manage and secure their information technologies.  Although the global economy is still in recovery and jobless rates are high, the jobless rate for IT workers in the U.S. is less than half of what it is for other workers. In some segments of the economy, the jobless rate for IT workers is as low as 1.5 percent.  Many employers and recruiting agencies are advocating for an increase in H-1B visas so more foreign tech workers can be brought in to help meet the demand. Many recruiters and IT hiring managers place high value in IT certifications and use them as a means to filter candidates for positions, as such credentials provide a way to establish that candidates have a certain level of knowledge. Unique keywords such as CompTIA, MCSE, CISSP, and PMP, which are unlikely to be found except in the resumes of those who hold such certifications, provide good search terms to narrow down candidates with specific skillsets.

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