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SEC reveals it was hacked, information may have been used for illegal stock trades

The Securities and Exchange Commission, the country’s top Wall Street regulator, announced Wednesday that hackers breached its system for storing documents filed by publicly traded companies last year, potentially accessing data that allowed the intruders to make an illegal profit. The agency detected the breach last year, but didn’t learn until last month that it…
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Data of 143 million Americans exposed in hack of credit reporting agency Equifax

The credit reporting agency Equifax said Thursday that hackers gained access to sensitive personal data — Social Security numbers, birth dates, and home addresses — for up to 143 million Americans, a major cybersecurity breach at a firm that serves as one of the three major clearinghouses for Americans' credit histories. Equifax said the breach…
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IT Certifications: How Valuable Are They?

There seem to be two schools of thought on the value of IT certifications. Some technology professionals say they can absolutely turbo-charge your salary and earning potential. Others claim that certifications may not be worth the paper on which they're printed. IT certifications and continuing education, like university degrees, go a long way toward proving…
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Best IT Certifications to Get Instant Salary Raises, Promotion and New Jobs

If you think you’ll progress in your career just by sticking to your university degree and getting some experience at your workplace, think again. In order to get salary raises and progression in the corporate ladder, you will need to update your knowledge and portfolio continuously. Certifications are the best tools to increase your market…
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